Thursday, 10 December 2009

God's revelation, Scripture, Bibliodolatry

Recently I've been listening to Mike Reeves on Revelation (the doctrine of). It's been personally challenging and heart-warming to see how God reveals himself. Much of it has fed into some thoughts I've been having on the place of apologetics and reason, faith and the self-authentication of Scripture. These are issues which directly impact on the way we evangelise and defend our faith, as well as how we aid struggling Christians and those who doubt.

Another thread of thought which Mike picks up on is the thoroughly Trinitarian nature of God's revelation of himself (what else?). Notably, how God the Father is perfectly revealed through the Word of God who is Christ. This Word of God (Christ) is then revealed perfectly through the Word of Christ which is the Scriptures. This understanding of Scripture as God's revelation of himself avoids two errors; bibliodolatry (didn't know this word existed until yesterday), or treating Scripture lightly. The former is the mistake of the Pharisees in In John 5. They search the Scriptures as an end in themselves, but refuse to come to Jesus. We can be in danger of the same - using the word but ignoring the Word. Avoiding the second error comes when we understand that it is through the Scripture that we do know the living God. The Bible is so precious because through it we not only know about God, but we know God! A point made spectacularly by Packer in 'Knowing God'. Go Read!

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